• Children will be given homework Monday to Thursday – it will involve Oral Work, Reading, Written Work, Maths  
  • Your child will take down the homework in the school diary 
  • Homework is a very important part of school life so we ask parents to check that all homework is finished and then sign the diary every night. 
  • It is very important that children do their spellings and tables every night (1st – 6th ) 
  • How long should children spend on homework? 

The following is a general guide:    

  • Infants –  20mins 
  • 1st/2nd –  30/ 40mins 
  • 3rd- 6th –  45mins 
  • Please help your child by encouraging them and checking that it is done. 
  • Try to have a quiet area where children can sit and concentrate on the work.  (Turn off TV and Computer) If homework is causing concern – put a note in diary or contact the school.  
  • Children love to have a story read or told to them before bed this helps them to relax and develops the imagination.          
  • Homework Award – a homework award for content and presentation will be given by the class teacher to one student each month. Furthermore a Principals Award will be given monthly to the best overall students homework in each section of the school.  Please see the homework sample in your child’s copy for guidance. 

Parents and Families

Benny Mc Ardle is the H.S.C.L (Home School Community Liaison) Co-ordinator.  As the title suggests Benny is the link between the School and the Home and wider Community of Muirhevnamór and nearby estates.  The Home/School partnership and collaboration is important to enhance the nurturing of the whole child.  H.S.C.L. encourages co-operation between home, school and community groups to help children succeed to the best of their ability in school.  It helps parents realise that they are their children’s most important teachers.  H.S.C.L. supports and encourages parents to help their children reach their potential.  It encourages the thinking that learning is a life-long process. 

St Joseph’s endeavour to meet the personal, educational, and leisure needs of parents, to promote their self-confidence and self-esteem so that they become involved in partnership with teachers in the development of their children. 

We organise initiatives, Parent/Child Reading Programmes, Maths for Fun, Incredible Years etc. to promote the participation of parents in their children’s education.  We adopt a “Whole School” approach engaging the complimentary skills, experience and knowledge of parents and teachers in a collaborative way.  

Benny visits homes establishing bonds of trust with families.  

This section of the website will keep you updated on upcoming events for parents and opportunities for parental involvement in school life.  



St Joseph’s is a Community School. On campus we have Springboard (Family Support Service) and two pre-schools Right Start and Lios na nÓg.  Nearby is the Holy Family Parish Community Créche.  These serve the needs of children (aged 0 – 4) in the community and there is an excellent relationship between these services and St Joseph’s ensuring a smooth transition to primary school and providing parental/family support where necessary.  

The school work closely with after school services in Lios na nÓg and the community house in Grange Drive ensuring children’s needs are met and allowing parents avail of educational and employment opportunities.  

St Joseph’s network with Áit na nDaoine, Cuidigh Linn and Muirhevnamór Community Centre.  These organisations play an important role in serving the needs of the local community. 

Sporting clubs such as Clann Naofa Boxing Club, Muirhevanmór FC, Na Piarsaigh GFC, and Pearse Óg have a close relationship with the school ensuring our children can avail of sporting opportunities all year round.  

Muirhevnamór FC and Dundalk Town Council have excellent playing fields nearby and the school are appreciative of these organisations for the use of their facilities.  

Paul Burke is the local Community Garda and visits the school regularly speaking to the children on the dangers for them in today’s world.        


Parents and Friends Association

A committee is elected every year. The A.G.M. is generally held before the end of November. This committee is very active in fund raising activities. On November 16th last we held our A.G.M and Joanne Fitzsimons was re-elected as chairperson, Catherine Dorian as secretary/treasurer. A committee was formed from those present and those who expressed an interest

Parents and friends of SJNS

Annual Activities 

  • Christmas Concert Raffle
  • Flag Days
  • Church Gate Collection
  • Eater Raffle 
  • Other activities that vary from year to year 

How funds are used

Over the last 10 years we’ve raised between €7000 and €11,000 annually. This money covers the cost of many school activities including:

  • Swimming lessons for 3rd class
  • Used by the school when participating/attending school events
  • Choir activities
  • Literacy and Numeracy resources
  • Infant Room
  • Materials/Resources
  • Talks for the general body of parents 

Policy Making

The school involves members of Parents and Friends Association in the formation of the various school policies. The school also involves members of the Parents and Friends Association when major decisions are to be made i.e. changing school uniforms, changing school crest etc. 

Building Links

May we take this opportunity to thank the people of Muirhevna Mór for the faithful support, interest and encouragement given to the school. We are always grateful to those parents who come in to school and help. Don’t be shy! If you have some time to spare or a particular talent or area of expertise then we would love to hear from you.
We aim to build on the links already established in our community, and, with your help, make our school a place of which we can all be justifiably proud.

Starting School

Junior Infants

Welcome to St Joseph’s N.S.

We will try to make your child’s school years at St Joseph’s N.S. as happy as possible.

Things You Can Do To Help

  • Please ensure your child is fully toilet trained
  • Please mark all coats/hats/sweatshirts/school bags with your child’s name
  • Your child should be able to put on and take of his/her own coat/hat/scarf/gloves
  • Wear a coat if it is cold or raining 
  • Encourage your child to be in bed early every night
  • If your child is very sick e.g. is vomiting, has diarrhoea or a bad cough please do not send them to school as they can pass on a bug to other children