Get Webwise

Get webwise

Have Fun!

The internet is an excellent educational and fun resource for children. It can help children become more creative and communicative. It can introduce children to new and exciting worlds. 

Get Involved!

Be the one to introduce your child to the internet. This will make it easier for your children to have a positive experience in the future.

Internet Rules!

Discuss with your child an appropriate length of time to spend online and the dangers of social networking sites. Follow our AUP recommendations in regard to types of sites to visit. 

Report Inappropriate Material!

It is important that we all take responsibility for the Web and report matters which we believe could be illegal to

Know Your Child’s Internet Use!

To be able to guide your child’s Internet use, whether it’s on their mobile phone or PC, it is important to understand how children use the Internet and what they like to do online.

E-safety at home 

Here are some important points to remember from our AUP:

  1. Put the computer in a family area where you can supervise children as they use the internet. 
  2. Only use websites you have chosen together or found through our school recommended websites.
  3. Tell children to email only people they know. 
  4. Encourage children not to use internet chat rooms. E.g. Facebook, Twitter.
Keep Ahead! 
The school will invite parents to attend an information hour on e-safety during the school year. 
Get webwise